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There's a fic where Tony and Steve are having almost Friends with Benefits relationship. Steve is still dating othrr people and Tony acts like he's okay with that Clint realizes he's not.I think Clint tell Steve and so at the end of the story when they're having sex Tony realize it is different from the times before because it's slow and then Steve tell's him he didn't see he was hurting tony.

Can't find fic

I don't know if I'm doing this right because it's my first time posting something but anyways...
I'm looking for this one fic where Steve and Tony have a building collapsed on them and when Tony wakes up, Steve is in a coma. Tony doesn't leave his side and has dreams about Steve but, just when Tony's about to pull the plug on Steve, tony wakes up and it turns out that tony was actually the one in a coma.
If anyone knows this you'd be a life saver, I've been looking for it all day. Thanks!
Link is in the comments!

Another story that I thought I bookmarked.

Not sure if the relationship was already established or just starting, but Bucky turns up and goes straight to SHIELD. He refuses to see Steve and when Steve manages to see him, Bucky kicks him out. Tony is basically is convinced that Steve is going to leave him for Bucky and basically tries to do the noble thing by leaving him.

The major scene was that Bucky knew that something bad was going to happen to Steve if the two were together (part of the brainwashing), there was an explosion on the helicarrier and Hydra took Steve leaving Bucky to die. Instead it just made Bucky and Tony really mad.

Steve convinces Tony that he wasn't leaving him and I believe Bucky had no interest in Steve to begin with, just a big misunderstanding with a happy ending.

Any help, as always, will be great!

Lost Stony fic

I'm looking for a Stony fic, I can't remember much about this fic except for one specific part where Steve wonders why Pepper prefers being called Pepper and how could she not like the name Virginia and its association with being virginal. I know it's not much to go on so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lost Stony post-Avengers fic

Fic takes place after The Avengers movie, Tony moves the team into his Long Island house. Steve and Tony get together and I think there is something going on with Avengers/Stark Industries secrets or weapons or information being sold and Tony begins to think that Pepper may be behind it. I never finished reading it so I'm not sure if it was her, just that shortly after the team moves into the Long Island estate Tony begins to think of who could be behind the conspiracy against them and everything points to Pepper being the culprit and Tony being really upset and thinking that it can't possibly be Pepper. It was on AO3 I know this isn't much to go on but If anyone remembers something similar to this I'd really appreciate it.

Lost fic

Hello. I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I don't remember much, only a couple random parts from it. It takes place after Captain America: Civil War. I remember Tony is trying to decide if he wants to help Bucky but he doesn't want to help him it just because he's Steve's friend so he goes to talk with him to see if Bucky himself deserves to be helped? I think he was planning to use BARF to help him. I also remember them talking about stuff and becoming friends, and at one point Bucky mentions he likes plums, and later on Tony mentions this to Steve and is asked if he's dating Bucky. If I remember right, I think Tony doesn't immediately deny it or anything because he thinks Steve is jealous of him, when Steve is actually jealous of Bucky. I think there was a small bit of side plot where Natasha knew Bucky from before and she called him Yasha? That's all I can think of, does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Thanks in advance for any responses.

link not working

I have seen "The First Time She Meets Captain America, He Doesn’t Meet Her" by toraten rec'ed a few times but it seems to be gone from their A03 site. Does anyone know if this posted somewhere else that I just can't find or am I out of luck?
I read this really lovely story on AO3 a few weeks ago (and forgot to bookmark it) and now I'm going crazy trying to find it again. From what I remember, it's set post-Avengers and Steve is still pretty clueless about the new world he's living in, so Tony takes up the challenge of showing him around and it kind of starts to turn into dating without Steve realizing it right away. I'm pretty sure all the other Avengers start considering them a couple before they themselves really do. Two scenes that stand out vividly in my brain:

  • Tony takes Steve to his fancy tailor and buys him a bunch of clothes. (I think there's a part where the tailor is measuring Steve and Tony surreptitiously watches, but pretends like he's engrossed with something on his phone.)

  • After one of their "dates," they're at a subway station and Tony tries to kiss for the first time Steve but Steve freaks out a little because he wasn't expecting it (and Tony backs away immediately, says something casual like, "sorry, my bad" but is actually pretty heartbroken).

Overall it was just really sweet and beautifully written and focused on how their friendship turns into something more. Ring any bells? Sorry I can't be more specific.

FOUND: Bucky died on a flight to the alps.

Looking for a story that Steve and Bucky were roommates but Bucky died in a plane crash in the alps. Steve met Tony at the apartment and eventually fall in love. Pieces of the story involved Tony owning the building, Steve had feelings for Bucky but it was never returned, and Tony feels responsible for Bucky's death.

Any help will be great!

Lost fic.

I can´t find an fanfiction where Tony is pregnant of Steve but he lies, they were on a secret relationship, and leave for Bucky, tony ends up with furry .
The avengers turn on Tony because the believe Steve. I think it has 2 chapeters

FOUND: Looking for Werecat!Tony fic

Hi everyone, I'm searching for two fics:

1. All of the Avengers are shifters (I'm pretty sure everyone but Tony is a wolf shifter?). Tony can shift into a large cat. During a battle, Tony is being held in a cabin while outside the rest of the Avengers fight in their shifted forms. The Hulk is a huge shifter and starts fighting the team and their enemies alike. By the time Steve makes it to the cabin Tony has shifted and run from the battle. Steve tracks Tony into the woods before realizing that Tony is really tracking *him* in shifted form. Steve brings Tony back to the rest of the team. There might also be a scene where everyone in the mansion goes into rut/heat. I think Steve and Tony are both alphas.

2. The only scene I remember from this fic is that Steve, freshly defrosted and living in the tower, religiously goes to Church every Sunday. He wears an ill-fitting brown suit (that Tony hates) and wakes up early to go the the mass that's held in Latin because that's what he's used to.

Thanks in advance for any help in finding these fics!


Amnesia Steve meets Tony

I'm trying to find a story I read a while back. It takes place immediately after Captain America wakes up after being thawed out, but he has some amnesia. He escapes Fury and gets run over by Tony (because plot). Eventually, he slowly remembers things, and the story ends during the first Avengers movie.

Ring any bells?


I'm trying to find a fic I read on ao3 a while ago but I couldn't find it again. As far as I remember, Tony goes to a party and gets drunk and accidentally switches his phone with Darcy's or something, and he gets lost and texts Steve. I remember Steve figures out he's in Battery Park and goes to get him. Sorry there isn't a lot of info but that's all I can remember. I've looked around for quite a while now but I just can't find it. Help please?
Someone posted this search on another site:

I have four or five stories where Steve's attempt to get his old Bucky by his side after his stint as the Winter Soldier ends up breaking up he and Tony. There's still one such story I'm looking to read again. Steve is trying to get his best friend and his boy friend to be friends, but whenever he invites Tony to join the two of them on an outing, such as a ball game or lunch, Tony refuses. Steve is upset that Tony seems hostile to Bucky and lets him know it, but he doesn't see that Tony is only responding to Bucky's seeming hatred of him.

This sounds very familiar to me, I am sure I read it but I can't find it. Does anyone here recognize it? I'd really like to read it again.

Mock evil Tony

Does anybody know of a story where I think everyone has some sort of plan in place in case Tony went evil? And then Tony showed the others exactly how difficult he would be to beat if it actually happened? I think Steve was the one who beat him in the end, but I think he may have taken the stance that if it actually happened he might be on Tony's side anyway?

Sorry that's very rambling and I'm not sure how to tag this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Tony kidnapped by AIM

So I've been trying to find this fic for the longest time, and this is my last hope.

I'm pretty sure I read it on A03, and Tony was helping some scientists out with some formula or something, I think it was Extremis. The rest of the Avengers were on comms, and Tony was trying to help them research it. Then Tony realized what they were trying to do, and tried to signal to the Avengers that things were going south.

Honestly, that's about all I can remember, which is why I want to read it again, but I can't find it anywhere! I'm pretty sure it was Tony/Steve, considering that's about all I read.

If anyone has any idea what fic I'm talking about, I'd really appreciate it!


Island fic

So I am just brand spanking new to Stony fandom and since last month have read a phenomenal amount of stories. I am looking for one that I read in the beginning. Tony takes Steve to his island for a vacation it is a small part of a bigger story ...maybe. I don't think (pretty sure) they were in a relationship at that point. There was some drama with Tony cooking too. It's driving me nuts that I can't find it as I want it on my iTouch for my rereading pleasure.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Not sure about the tags, best I could do.

Thanks for any ideas.

Werewolf Steve

What about a story where Steve is President and has been acting really strangely and Carol sends Tony in to find out what's wrong and he jumps Tony and Tony realizes whats wrong and he tells Carol "Oh it's okay, he's just come down with a case of werewolf. He'll sleep it off."

But seriously he was a werewolf and president.

Extremis art

There's a story somewhere, where Steve and Tony retire to an island Tony owns and Steve is painting a lot and the art has some weird extremis bent to it that makes it really interesting to Tony's robots. Also Bucky has just been found and Steve is mad at Natasha because he wants Bucky and she wants Yasha. And the other Avengers come to the island too. And I think Hill is there too.
Any ideas?


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