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Steve is genderfluid

Looking for a fic where Steve is genderfluid and I remember it starts with Tony walking in and seeing Steve painting his nails, then they talk and Tony helps Steve curl his hair and ziper him in a blue dress. Eventually they fall into bed. They start a relationship and there is a moment when Tony takes Steve out to dance and Steve is in a polka dot dress. I also remeber the author put lots of links for pics of the dresses. Not sure but think it was on AO3.
Even remembering all this I still can't find it. :/

first time fic serch pregnant!tony

Hello! I'm new here and my English is not perfect but I've been looking for a fic that I read a while back but I can't seem to find it.

It was post civil war and tony and steve were married. Steve left tony after Siberia, not aware of that tony was pregnant with his child. Tony was very hurt. I think it was a/b/o dynamics(of course omega!tony) Tony called himself mommy when he talked to his child.

I know this sounds very vague and a lot of authors wrote this kind of story but I really want to reread this fic. So it would be very nice if you could help me. Thanks in advance!

I am Iron-Man

It starts out with Tony coming out of a (liquor?) store to see either Natasha and/or Steve leaning against his car looking for a place to crash. It ends up being the rest of the Avengers and its during the Christmas season. I'm pretty sure this is the story where Tony has stopped being Iron-Man but slowly gets pulled back in as his friends/team keep going out to fight. He fully commits to being Iron-Man again after Steve gets hurt.

I'm also pretty sure there is a whole thing about everyone being able to carry Steve, even Tony at the very end.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi! I'm looking for a specific fic from a few years back: the avengers (movie verse circa The Avengers) are captured and Tony ends up having sex with his captor to make it easier for his friends (I don't remember if he offers or if he was forced, but it's definitely non-consensual).

After they're rescued, Steve and Tony start a relationship. Tony says something along the lines of "i can't believe you would still want me now I'm used goods" (referring to his rape), and Steve says "it only made me want you more." He of course is referring to Tony's selflessness, but Tony thinks he means he just wants Tony as a whore and to submit to him, and it sets off a whole chain of misunderstandings.

I remember Steve asks Tony to come to an event with him because he thinks it'll be a fancy date, but Tony thinks Steve wants to parade him as a pet? And Tony calls Steve captain during sex and Steve thinks it's banter but it's really because Tony can't bring himself to calll Steve sir. At the end Tony begs Steve not to tell Pepper and says he'll do anything; Steve is horrified because he thought they were in a loving relationship all along.

I've been searching for this fic for ages- I don't think it's on ao3- so if anyone can direct me to a link I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks so much :)

Steve thinks Tony is in love with Ironman

Hi, I'm looking for a story in which Tony never revealed he was Ironman. This led to Steve thinking Tony and Ironman were dating. He then saw Tony covered in bruises and thinks Ironman abuses Tony. I'm pretty sure janet pym was in it too.

Old Stony fic

I am looking for a fid where the avengers recently move into the tower and Steve noticesnthat Tony doenst have any personal photos on display and decides to taken some. Can someone pls tell me the name of the fic
Hi there. I'm looking for a fic on AO3. Tony was working on his PhD thesis when Fury ordered him to teach a class. He met Steve in the class and kinda being as ass. Later he and Steve got along and became good friends. All the Avengers (except Bruce, Bruce was the class's TA) were students and Steve's friends. It's no!power au (but I couldn't find the fic using the tag), and finally Steve/Tony. It's set in MCU and quite long.

Thanks in advance.

Looking for two Marvel Comics fics

Hi there, I'm looking for two stories set in Earth-616 universe that I read a while ago.

- The first one is after Tony rejoined The Avengers and Steve was Commander Rogers and in a relationship with Sharon. When Reed Richards accidentally sent Tony back to the time before WWII he met with skinny!Steve and they fell in love. While present!Steve also traveled through time to try to win Tony back.

- The second one is right after Tony deleted his brain and he woke up to find Steve was alive and the superheroes community were mad at him but he didn't know why. At the same time there's a threat to the world (I don't remember the details). I do remember that there's a huge fight at the end of the story and Doom surprisingly jumped in to help the superheroes at the end because he's in a secret relationship with Loki (in female form) who also on the superheroes'side and Loki was pregnant with his child. I know the end sounds like a crack!fic but it's not. It's long and a good read.

I read both stories on AO3. Thanks in advance.

[story found! 💖]

Hi there! I was hoping that someone could potentially help me track down a story.

It's been quite some time since I last read this story, but I thiiiiiiink it might be Marvel 616? It was post-Civil War, and I remember it starts off with Steve wandering the hall of the compound and he hears Tony and Peter fighting with one another. Peter is telling Tony that he needs to come clean, that he did some hacking into the computer systems during/after all of the fighting and discovered that Tony had taken the position he did to try and protect everyone as well as he could. Some more details are revealed and Steve finally enters into the room.

There's discussion of telling the rest of the team, but Tony very much doesn't want to do that because there's still a great deal of mistrust and anger all around.

I think that this was a one-shot (I don't remember it being very long), and it's been at least a year/two since I read it, so it definitely came out before the Civil War movie.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? *offers cookies* I've tried going through the Stony filter on ao3 and Googling key phrases that I thought I remembered, but no luck.

Found! Link is in the comment

Hi there. I'm looking for a kic-fic set in MCU. As far as I can remember from the summary, fem-Tony (not sure if it's Natasha from Earth-3490 or not) came through a portal to give her baby to MCU Tony and Steve to take care since her world was collapsing. But MCU Tony and Steve hadn't been together then so they had to find a way to raise the baby together.
I'm pertty sure it's on AO3 but I couldn't find it on kid!fic or Natasha Stark tags. Please help.
Can't remember what the fic is called. Not sure if standalone or part of a story. It's on archive of our own.
But Tony is working on a gauntlet in the workshop and Steve comes up behind and embraces him and accidentally touched the reactor and Tony reacts by blasting Steve in the face (but Steve moves to lessen the damage). Clue guilt ridden Tony. The reason why he reacted that way is because he's been watching over and over the security video of Obadian removing the reactor to desensitized himself but actually made things worse.

Thanks a bunch!

Looking for

There's a fic where Tony and Steve are having almost Friends with Benefits relationship. Steve is still dating othrr people and Tony acts like he's okay with that Clint realizes he's not.I think Clint tell Steve and so at the end of the story when they're having sex Tony realize it is different from the times before because it's slow and then Steve tell's him he didn't see he was hurting tony.

Can't find fic

I don't know if I'm doing this right because it's my first time posting something but anyways...
I'm looking for this one fic where Steve and Tony have a building collapsed on them and when Tony wakes up, Steve is in a coma. Tony doesn't leave his side and has dreams about Steve but, just when Tony's about to pull the plug on Steve, tony wakes up and it turns out that tony was actually the one in a coma.
If anyone knows this you'd be a life saver, I've been looking for it all day. Thanks!
Link is in the comments!

Another story that I thought I bookmarked.

Not sure if the relationship was already established or just starting, but Bucky turns up and goes straight to SHIELD. He refuses to see Steve and when Steve manages to see him, Bucky kicks him out. Tony is basically is convinced that Steve is going to leave him for Bucky and basically tries to do the noble thing by leaving him.

The major scene was that Bucky knew that something bad was going to happen to Steve if the two were together (part of the brainwashing), there was an explosion on the helicarrier and Hydra took Steve leaving Bucky to die. Instead it just made Bucky and Tony really mad.

Steve convinces Tony that he wasn't leaving him and I believe Bucky had no interest in Steve to begin with, just a big misunderstanding with a happy ending.

Any help, as always, will be great!

Lost Stony fic

I'm looking for a Stony fic, I can't remember much about this fic except for one specific part where Steve wonders why Pepper prefers being called Pepper and how could she not like the name Virginia and its association with being virginal. I know it's not much to go on so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lost Stony post-Avengers fic

Fic takes place after The Avengers movie, Tony moves the team into his Long Island house. Steve and Tony get together and I think there is something going on with Avengers/Stark Industries secrets or weapons or information being sold and Tony begins to think that Pepper may be behind it. I never finished reading it so I'm not sure if it was her, just that shortly after the team moves into the Long Island estate Tony begins to think of who could be behind the conspiracy against them and everything points to Pepper being the culprit and Tony being really upset and thinking that it can't possibly be Pepper. It was on AO3 I know this isn't much to go on but If anyone remembers something similar to this I'd really appreciate it.

Lost fic

Hello. I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I don't remember much, only a couple random parts from it. It takes place after Captain America: Civil War. I remember Tony is trying to decide if he wants to help Bucky but he doesn't want to help him it just because he's Steve's friend so he goes to talk with him to see if Bucky himself deserves to be helped? I think he was planning to use BARF to help him. I also remember them talking about stuff and becoming friends, and at one point Bucky mentions he likes plums, and later on Tony mentions this to Steve and is asked if he's dating Bucky. If I remember right, I think Tony doesn't immediately deny it or anything because he thinks Steve is jealous of him, when Steve is actually jealous of Bucky. I think there was a small bit of side plot where Natasha knew Bucky from before and she called him Yasha? That's all I can think of, does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Thanks in advance for any responses.

link not working

I have seen "The First Time She Meets Captain America, He Doesn’t Meet Her" by toraten rec'ed a few times but it seems to be gone from their A03 site. Does anyone know if this posted somewhere else that I just can't find or am I out of luck?


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