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Hey All,

I'm looking for a Steve/Tony story that I can't remember much about, so I am hoping one (or more) of you can help me find it.

* The story either starts pre-Snap and goes post-Snap or starts after the Snap takes place.
* Steve/Tony either start a relationship or resolve their issues from an established relationship during the story. Steve and Tony's relationship is a major part of the story.
* One big thing I remember about the story is that it really delves into the problems that result from the Snap... not just the major emotion toll, but the more physical and economic problems of it. The habitability of Earth is greatly impacted by nuclear meltdowns/oil spills/poisonous atmosphere and/or the atmosphere igniting due to volatile chemicals, etc... Governments are falling, wars begin breaking out, food shortages, etc.
* F.R.I.D.A.Y. gives statistics on the survivability of Earth due to the above issues and it's basically an extinction-level event, I believe, with a countdown of less than a year for them to make changes if life on Earth is going to survive.
* Tony injects a more complex and robust form of Extremis into his body so that he can basically do what he needs to do physically/mentally to combat Earth's climate circling the drain.
* Tony uses his control of everything electronic/digital due to Extremis to build giant atmospheric filters to clean the air. He takes over a giant Stark Industries plant(s) to build the filters, working non-stop to get them built due to the time-crunch F.R.I.D.A.Y. gives him/them.
* A huge battle happens in space above Earth with Steve, Tony & Rhodey (maybe more) using suits to fight aliens coming to take advantage of the situation. Tony's nanobots are used basically as shrapnel to shred the space ships to pieces and I think Tony almost dies during the battle at the end of the story.

That's about all I remember, hopefully, one fo you can tell me who wrote the story as I really want to read it again and can't find it.

Thanks in advance!

Looking for a Stony on AO3 - multi chap

Hello all! I really hope you can help me.
So, I’m looking for a Stony fic that should be not more than two years old. I remember that I used to bookmark it but not subscribe :(

In this story, Tony used to be married to Pepper but then she dies in what seems to be a mysterious way.

Tony never talks about it. All the story seems to be in the “mistery” side because actually you don’t understand much about Peppers death at the beginning.

If I’m remembering correctly, it’s set in another epoque, but I’m not really sure about it.

Anyway, Tony meets Steve during an event where Steve is working as Hammer’s personal assistant.

Tony gets interested in Steve, almost fall in love from the very beginning, and asks Steve to get back home with him since the way Hammer treated him poorly. Tony actually kind of threatens Hammers to let Steve go.

From there, they get to Tony’s house and they keep on their “relationship”. They actually fall in bed together during that event.

And that’s all I can remember unfortunately :(

I really really hope someone can help my figuring the title out. I’d really like reading it again and see if it’s been finished.

Post CACW with AU Avengers Team

Looking for a fic that's post CACW, the Avengers are hiding out in Wakanda and Tony is home. Betty (I think) turns up about some anomaly/portal and Tony goes to investigate. Some stuff happens and the portal spits out an Alternate Universe Avenger team specifically Cap, Nat, Clint and Thor. Tony expects them to be like his team but they're much kinder and actually sign the Accords. (I dont know if I'm mixing fics but there's a scene where Harley who's in the team votes not to allow them in but is convinced to give them a chance). They attend a gala. Cacw!Steve sees this all happening from Wakanda and the last chapter I recall is them worried about being replaced and making plans to go back.

Letters for a dead person

I read a really sad fanfiction a few years ago on wattpad. It was my favorite stony fanfiction but I can't find it.

I think Steve died in this fanfiction but I'm not sure maybe it was Tony who died.
They adopted Peter and then Steve goes on a mission or something and dies. After that Tony writes a lot of letters to steve. I think he writes one every year. Tony is heartbroken. He writes about his feelings and about what happens around him. For example in one chapter he tells Steve about Peter's first day of school and I think later of Peter's first day of highschool. And if I remember correctly Peter writes a letter too. In which he says that Tony is very sad and that he wishes Steve were still there. Like I said the Fanfiction was very sad and it makes you cry for real.

Ice Dreams

I'm looking for an old movieverse fic. I remember that Steve and Tony are already in a relationship, and Steve is taking a break from being an Avenger to paint. They are on an island Tony owns, and Steve is painting pictures of things he saw when frozen in the ice, which turns out to be the lives of the other Avengers. I think Bucky comes to see them at some point. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

Tony talking over Steve deadbody

Hello, I'm searching for not 1 but 2 fanfictions, posted on AO3. (yeah)
The first is a story with Tony leading the Shield after Steve assassination, and Steve comes back. Tony is a mess, and one of the shield agents gives Steve a video recording of Tony talking to the captain's deadbody (The Confession bruh). Steve understands Tony's feelings (looove) and things becomes better x) My summary sucks but the fanfiction is awesome! Please help me D:

The second one is less important but! It's a fanfiction with a Hurt Tony, thinking he is worthless but trying to be better, building gadgets for his teammates (I remember Natasha and Clint I guess) to protect them, but they thank him by saying awful things that die tony lower than earth. (French expression, but you get my point xD) I don't remember what happens next ew, only his profound sadness.
Thank youu

Looking for fanfic

Looking for a fanfic (believe it was in ao3) where Howard tattoos Steves's soulmark on Tony (i believe when he was a newborn) in attempt to find Steve. Tony and Steve figure out later that Bucky is alive and try to use the soulmark to find him.

I remember there being a ring/spell that one of them could get into to block their soulmark, and at first Tony is the one to get into it but they realize it would be better for steve to and tony use the soulmark to find bucky. And that bucky liked the presence Tony gave him through the mark and hated when it would disappear (when tony was in the ring/circle.

Looking for specific story

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a great story where Steve and Tony get married at Christmas. They use the Stark Industries party as a cover and Coulson is officiates the wedding so they can keep it quiet. Any help in locating this story would be great.

Hey guys. So I’m looking for a stuckony fix where Natasha’s jealous and tries to take Steve and Bucky from tony. I think it’s 2 parts and on ao3

Hate to Love

I'm looking for a story where Tony's and Steve's relationship starts backwards.  They start having hate sex for awhile and for reasons I can't remember they stop and 'move on' from each other for awhile.  During this Clint and Tony become involved only for Clint to eventually break it off.  When he does Natasha comes to defend Clint's honor only for Tony to tell her that Clint has been in love with Natasha for some time but he thought it was unrequited. Eventually Tony and Steve get back together.

A03 Fic with Tony as a Panther?Jaguar?

So I saw this fic several years ago and now I couldn’t seem to remember much about it..but I definitely remeber it was an A03 fic, Stevetony, and the backgrounds were mostly the same as the Avengers; only that characters can shapeshift. I don’t remember if anyone could, or only Tony could. But there was a description that Tony is a black panther or jaguar. And I remember a scene where Cap saw Tony in animal form and complimented how pretty the animal looked. I so want to find this fic again, I really appreciate your help!!

Tony Worthy of Mjolnir

First, I am looking for a specific fic that I remember reading a while ago around the time Avengers: Age of Ultron came out. I think it's during a recreation of the scene near the beginning where all the Avengers are challenging each other to pick up Mjolnir. Tony either tries and fails or refuses to try because he knows it won't work, but Steve remembers a time he saw Tony carrying around Mjolnir while sleepwalking. Any help in finding this fic would be much appreciated.

Second, if you have any Stony fic recs that have a happy ending, I'd appreciate those too. I don't care how much angst is involved in them getting to the happy ending, as long as they get there. In fact, angstier is probably better.

Thank you all so much for your help!

Rec fic

Fic wit these two from enemies to lovers?

Christmas fic with married stony

So there was a christmas fic i read once, where steve woke up in his future body during christmas. He is married to tony and thinks it is a hydra plot at first. They have a daughter that is a toddler. I forget her name but she is both genetically theirs due to a related fic where tony got turned into a woman by a goddess. There is also another related fic to this one where their daughter, around seven years old, get sent to the past because of an attack on the tower. Tony from just after avengers takes care of her. Anyways any help would be appreciated.


Hi everybody!

I once read a fic where the avengers and Steve didn't know Tony in anyway. Stark industries or something still offered them a place to stay at the Tower and the avengers moved in. Steve kept wandering the halls of the tower and was thinking about the reclusive/missing Tony Stark. Eventually he met up with him in the corridors but there was something off about Tony (he ran away first or just seemed slightly crazy?) Steve didn't give up and I remember that Steve finally even introduced to Tony to the rest of the Avengers. Tony might have been a bit ragged and skinny or something similar.

Please help, I have tried to find this fic but haven't succeeded. I'm pretty sure it was in ao3 but the tags are not helping me.

Dec. 23rd, 2018

hi im looking for a fic i dont remember very many details but tony has a set of twins that nobody knows about and they live in the tower i think the whole team does i know there are probably many fics and i would appreciate those too

Steve neglects Tony

Hellow !

I'm looking for a fanfiction (no joke sherlock). Basically Steve and Tony are together, but Bucky comes back home and Steve starts to neglect his boyfriend.
There is a moment where the couple are supposed to have a date, but Steve never arrives and when Tony comes back to home he sees Steve and Bucky laugh, looking old pictures in an album, with other avengers around them.
So he breake up with Steve but this dumbass is too concentrate on the pictures, only others people reacts.
Any idea ? :x

Tony/Steve and Tony’s baby James

Hi, I’m looking for a story I really hope hasn’t been deleted! Tony has a one night stand right before him and Steve get together. A few months later he finds out the woman is pregnant, she doesn’t want to be a mum but she asks Tony if he wants the baby. I’m pretty sure the baby’s name is James and at some point he gets sick and has a transfusion of Steve’s blood to save him, and his eyes change colour to the same as Steve’s.

It’s a lovely story and I’ve searched hi and low and can’t find it! Does anyone know where I can find it?


looking for a fic


hi so im looking for a fic where tony gets turned into a child. Fury and coulson are together, bruce natasha and clint are together, and stee and bucky. Wanda causes tony to have nightmares and she plays with steves mind to and makes him yell and almost hit tony. at one point i think he forgets hes married to bucky. also tony holds a press conference while little and its really cute


Hi all!

I’ve been desperately searching for a fic and I don’t know if the author took it down. It was a fic where Steve and Tony were friends with benefits and then at some point Tony is like let me be your boyfriend but Steve doesn’t believe he can do it and is fine being friends with benefits so Tony decides to prove to him he can be a good boyfriend. Steve jokes about beleiving Tony in the gym and Tony gets annoyed because he’s taking it seriously. There’s a scene with a waitress giving Tony her number and another with a blonde at a hotel that Tony doesn’t know Steve witnesses. Please help!

thank you!


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